Sunday, November 28, 2010

Waiting - Part II

We're still sitting on the tarmac here in SLC. They are stacked up waiting for the de-icing. They estimate a thirty minute delay, but I suspect it may turn into the infamous infinite thirty minutes. I have my fingers crossed that it doesn't, but it very well might. Fortunately, I took tomorrow off from work, with the intention of recovering from the travel day. That may have been a wise decision.

The trip back to SD for Thanksgiving was a good one. The weather was single digit cold, but there wasn't any snow and the wind only kicked in a time or two. So, absent a blizzard, it was simply cold. Butt ass freezing cold, but a simple cold.

Thanksgiving dinner was tasty - a mostly traditional feast centered around turkey and all the assorted trimmings, capped off with a small selection of pies.

In addition to my parents, I saw my sister and several of my nephews and nieces, and one grand nephew. Other than that we watched a lot of the National Geographic channel (my mom's favorite), spent some time reading, some time watching the stray movie, and a lot of time simply visiting.

I left Saturday afternoon and drove up to Rapid City since my flight left at 0610 a.m.. I spent the night at the Fairfield Marriot on I-90. It feels good to be heading home. The pilot announced we're fifth in line to be de-iced, so we should be there in about fifteen more minutes. I have my fingers crossed.
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Waiting on the Tarmac

Sitting on the tarmac at SLC waiting for our turn through the de-icing pad. We've got a good wind and blowing snow. Brrr.
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Salt Lake City

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Rainy Sunday

It's a rainy Sunday morning and I'm sitting outside the laundry waiting on the dryers, typing with my thumbs. I am not sure where my thoughts are today, but I am in a reflective mood. I am sure part of that mood is due to the season and another part is due to the rain. Both can bring with them a subtly powerful influence.

I don't really have anything major to do, but iit has turned to a mostly busy day, with a morning filled with incidental errands. I suspect that I'll be out and moving most of the day, just because. Enjoy the journey of your day, whoever and wherever you are.
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Pruneyard Tower in the Rain

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Fruits of Imagination

In life we often carry things. These may be real things, real objects - the odds and ends of things we pick up in our travels. The might be insubstantial things - thoughts, memories, stories, or the other fruits of imagination.

Among them are the joyous things we carry for other people. The things we carry for them, we hold for them, we nurture for them, we remember for them. The fruits of imagination carry with them the fragrance of our love for those who bore those fruits and then gave them to us. It is an incredible gift and we count their treasures among our treasures.
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Monday, November 1, 2010

Thoughts in a Parking Lot

Okay, technically I am not in the parking lot, I am overlooking it as I sit outside Johnny Rockets waiting for the arrival of Tom and Tony for dinner. Tonight is Tom's last night in California. I put him on the plane back to South Dakota, drawing to a close this chapter of Tom's Excellent Adventure. Wish him the best for the next stage in his journey, where ever it takes him.

I had a Monday today for no other reason than it was Monday. Work was about four hours of meetings, a quick lunch, a bit of trouble-shooting and email, then I flexed out early to run a couple of errands (bank, post office, market, and drug store). I never quite seemed to get out of second gear today. I just could not get rolling.

It's a beautiful evening sitting here, watching people wander by, listening to the indecipherable hum of nearby voices. The sun is bright, the sky very blue, and there is a cool breeze blowing over my right shoulder, almost as if the world were blowing softly in my ear.

Crows and gulls compete for the same scraps, foraging the same parts of the parking lot, warily eyeing each other. I watch the people walking by, noting which are absorbed in their own thoughts and which are aware of this beautiful world around them. It's a parade of children, mothers, grandmothers and trophy wives. You have to love it.

I am not sure the mood I am in today, it is as if its a mood of some sort that is constantly sliding out of my vision, constantly slipping out of my grasp, a mercurial mood of an uncertain origin.

And in the mercurial mood I slide into the end of the day, a post-modern Mercutio.
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