Friday, February 29, 2008

When Things Turn Left

This weekend I was planning to fly to New Mexico to visit family. The plan did not come to fruition.  It was a tightly laid plan, a quick turnaround trip, coordinating arrival times at a certain destination with multiple family members.  When the airlines cancelled the flight out and could not rebook in an acceptable window I decided to cancel the entire trip.  As rebooked, what had been planned as a four day visit turned into a one day visit, with long flights on the onbound leg.  Oddly enough, this has happened to me multiple times trying to get down into the Southwest.

I was frustrated of course, especially since the same scenario has unravelled like this before.  So, I spent most of Thursday in a state of borderline frustration and then spent most of today resting, sleeping, reading, and listening to music.  I must have needed the sleep because, generally, I am not that still for that long of a period of time.

It is evening now, I just got back from dinner, wandered around in the early night for a while, and decided to write a little bit.  Perhaps the reason for the cancelled flights was the universe telling me I needed to rest and recuperate more than I needed to fly.  Perhaps there was no reason.  Either way, I enjoyed the day, and I am enjoying the evening, and that is enough.  That is the self that is revealed when the plans called for a right turn, and we ended up with a left turn.

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