Thursday, April 7, 2016

Life Always Moves

Life always moves.

That's one of the amazing things about it. It is like a river constantly flowing from the source to the sea. We are carried with it.

Today was an indifferent day at the office. We discovered a configuration flaw in a recent project. Nothing major, just irksome. We will recover quick enough. The root cause was a misunderstanding in a requirement. It was a single one and a simple one but it was enough for us to pull the piece of software from production.

It illustrates one of the problems of communication. Though people can affirm they understand something we have no real way of knowing that they did. At some point it all comes down to trust. For myself I would rather extend that trust over and over than exist in a world without it. Even if the end result is bumps and bruises.

Life always moves. If you keep that in mind then the troubles and incidents of life - whether they are in your working life or in your personal life are revealed for what they are. Simply incidents. Simply troubles. We keep moving. We move over them, around them and sometimes through them.

Life always moves and we always move.

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