Sunday, November 28, 2010

Waiting - Part II

We're still sitting on the tarmac here in SLC. They are stacked up waiting for the de-icing. They estimate a thirty minute delay, but I suspect it may turn into the infamous infinite thirty minutes. I have my fingers crossed that it doesn't, but it very well might. Fortunately, I took tomorrow off from work, with the intention of recovering from the travel day. That may have been a wise decision.

The trip back to SD for Thanksgiving was a good one. The weather was single digit cold, but there wasn't any snow and the wind only kicked in a time or two. So, absent a blizzard, it was simply cold. Butt ass freezing cold, but a simple cold.

Thanksgiving dinner was tasty - a mostly traditional feast centered around turkey and all the assorted trimmings, capped off with a small selection of pies.

In addition to my parents, I saw my sister and several of my nephews and nieces, and one grand nephew. Other than that we watched a lot of the National Geographic channel (my mom's favorite), spent some time reading, some time watching the stray movie, and a lot of time simply visiting.

I left Saturday afternoon and drove up to Rapid City since my flight left at 0610 a.m.. I spent the night at the Fairfield Marriot on I-90. It feels good to be heading home. The pilot announced we're fifth in line to be de-iced, so we should be there in about fifteen more minutes. I have my fingers crossed.
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