Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Castle Christmas

Merry Christmas.

It was a good day here, one that I enjoyed.  First, to start the day, I slept in.  Actually, I woke up about the normal time I wake up, but I stayed comfortably in bed.  Then, I was up, a bowl of cereal, a cup of coffee, and off to Christmas Mass.  After Mass I came home and slipped into a long, hot, soaking bath.  After the bath I settled down to was "Castle" on the DVR.  I decided that I was going to have a "Castle Christmas" and I've been pretty successful.

About noon I popped out and met Tony for lunch (soup and a quesadilla), and then we went and saw the new Keanu Reeves movie "47 Ronin".  It was an enjoyable movie and I am actually going to try and see it again.  Unfortunately we saw it in an overcrowded theater, one of the reasons I tend to avoid opening weekend and holiday weekends, and there were a lot of distractions going on around me.

Dinner was burgers and then Tony and I settled in and watched more episodes of "Castle".  It was a great day, all in all.  So, as I approach the end of the day let me just wish anyone who happens to read this a very Merry Christmas.

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