Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Simple Christmas Eve

I am settled in for quiet Christmas Eve. I officially started the evening a while ago with a wonderful conversation with TR, who is settled in around the tree with her family watching classic Christmas movies. I followed up with a call to a nephew and a call to my parents. Now, my plan is simple, I'm going to settle in and enjoy a quiet serene evening. I think for tomorrow, Christmas Day, I am going to have a Castle Christmas. I have 11 episodes of the television show Castle on DVR. That will make for a very simple, easy and relaxed Christmas Day.

The run-up to Christmas has been kind of interesting.  Interesting has multiple connotations of course  and I'm using it with all those multiple connotations.  Some of the things I can't really talk about,  mainly from respect for the individuals to whom they belong, but they still fill my days.  Lt me tell you about one of them that I can talk about.

About the middle of last week my friend Tyrone  crashed his motorcycle  on Highway 85.   He was driving along and the woman in front of him  stopped without warning,  he slammed on the brakes and laid his bike down.  As far as motorcycle accidents go it wasn't too bad.  He did a couple thousand dollars of damages to his bike and he managed to smash his foot between the foot peg in the fairing.  Most importantly he walked away, well in his case limped away.  he was caught without transportation so I gave him a ride to work Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  He was lucky.

So that event both entertained me and occupied me for the last couple of days.  Combined with work  that made the last couple of days pass quickly.  That makes me ready for the holiday.  I am looking forward to a couple very relaxed days.  On Friday my brother and his step-daughter are coming out for a three day visit. The plan is to do the tourist thing up in San Francisco.  It should be a lot of fun I haven't up to San Francisco in a while. I haven't seen my brother in a while, so that should be a lot of fun as well.

On that note, I am going to call it a night and take a long, soaking bath - that seems like a good way to slide even deeper into this beautiful Christmas eve.  For all those whom I never mention by name, and to all those strangers I simply do not know - enjoy the evening.

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