Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Winding Down The Year

Tuesday was as tranquil as Monday. Free from the restrictions of a heavily laden meeting schedule at work I was able to be very productive and better than productive, smooth. There is a lot to be said for flow. Almost anything is a better experience if it flows. I have my email backlog down to zero. That has not happened since October. It's a good feeling. It's a good place to be.

I even had the opportunity to read a little bit about project management. I feel the need to enter the new year with a more discipline structure for the projects I run. A lot of the work stress I encounter is the result of chaos. Is the result of the opposite of flow which is turbulence. We are very good at turbulence.

I am settling into the evening after a dinner of special K cereal and peanut butter from a spoon. It was very simple and very tasty. I needed that after the indulgences of the holiday season. I am still in the pleasant afterglow of the dinner that Brandy prepared for us. It was outstanding and it's going to stay with me for a while in my memory. She has become quite the amazing Chef.

I am dictating this entry on my iPad. It is fairly good at it. I don't think it is quite as accomplished as Dragon NaturallySpeaking. But it may be that I just need to learn the secrets of dictating to Siri. I'll have to look online and see if there is some sort of guide. Siri seems to struggle more with capitalization and punctuation then Dragon does. Again, it might just be a learned thing. Once I get the hang of it then it may work better. I wonder if Dragon has a version for the iPad. I should check the app store for that.

Other than that my plan tonight is to keep it simple. The new year is rapidly approaching. I started the process of considering my New Year's resolutions. They are partially formed in my brain. I still want to spend a little contemplative time over the holiday putting the gloss on them. I think I am entering the year strong. At the highest level I want to enter the year with a little more focus and a little more discipline. That is sort of a universal resolution. The process with which I want to approach the goals and objectives for the year.

I'm looking forward to the conversation with TR tonight. She mentioned today in conversation that she wanted to start the year on a different note. I'm curious as to what she has in mind. Her beautiful mind is one of the things that I love about her. It amazes me that after eight years we never ran out of things to talk about. On that note I am going to call it a night and slide into the evening. Whoever you are, wherever you are I hope your evening is good.

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