Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Inside A Flower Photo Set On Flickr

Last summer I was out for my evening walk. I had walked a three mile course - out from my apartment, down Will Rogers to Saratoga, up Saratoga to Payne, down Payne to San Tomas Expressway and then cut back through toward Starbird Park. As I turned back on Williams Road I turned into the setting sun and along Williams Road there was a row of flowers next to the sidewalk. The sunlight was perfect. They glistened in astounding beauty. I was carrying my Sony DSC9 in my pocket (my usual companion when walking), so I pulled the camera out and took this photo's on the macro settings. I did not Photoshop them at all - just took the images, trimmed them for size and originally posted them on in my AOL photo bucket. Even looking at them today I find them to be dazzling in their brillance. The full set of 8 photos is here on my Flickr photostream.

Here is one of the images, my favorite - I think that particular one has a sort of earthy elegance that I find hypnotic.

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