Monday, February 1, 2010


All of life is layered. The trick to simplicity is not in denying the layers or in an attempting to “un-layer” life. The trick is to simply recognize each layer in itself, to simply accept each layer for what it is, nothing more and nothing less.

In the last three months I went, rather rapidly, rather violently, through a succession of layers. To describe the last three months as turbulent would be an understatement. Yet in the other layers of life there was little or no turbulence. Some of those layers remained smooth and tranquil.

The strength I drew from those layers helped me move through the rough buffeting of the more turbulent layers. The tranquil layers were the three constants in life – faith, friends and family. I cannot, with words, do justice to the strength and solace I found there. All I can do is will my thanks to the universe and bow my head in prayer and tell each of the people who supported me – simply thanks. Thanks for being one of the tranquil layers.

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