Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kind of, Maybe, Unless I Change My Mind

I am not yet writing – but I am almost there.  I can feel the things I want to write about moving around within me. Lately, I’ve been thinking about closing this blog.  Not because I intend to quit blogging, but rather because I would kind of like to redesign/repurpose my blogging. 

I’ve always been tempted to run multiple blogs simultaneously. I’d like to focus each blog more tightly about a specific subject matter.  Generally, in my imagination, it’s a three way split.  One for poetry.  One for other creative writing. One for ordinary commentary (Rod’s Floating World would stay alive for ordinary commentary). 

Besides allowing me to focus more it would allow each blog to take on more of a life of its own. Readers could follow the blog that interested them the most without having to deal with the other “stuff”. Having read a lot of blogs I think the big advantage of a focused blog is it makes it far more friendly for the intermittent reader.

For example, if I focus one on my poetry, then if you like my poetry, you can simply go there and skip all the other stuff.  You can pop in when you feel like it and simply see what poems have been posted recently (or since the last time you visited) without having to hunt through other entries that simply might not be of any interest to you.

If you think I am a horrible poet, but happen to like my short fiction, you can focus there.  If you think I should keep my day job – you could focus in there and read the ordinary observations of life. As I write about it, I think that may very well be the direction I choose to go. 

Unless I decide to change my mind.

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