Monday, May 24, 2010

Let Them Fall Away

I am amazed at the ability of the find to fasten on small negative things and then worry them ceaselessly.  This morning was a typical example for me.  I woke up okay, slipped into the shower and then from the shower on I pretty much managed to pop up one negative thought after another and worry them all the way into the office.  When I became aware of them I would consider them and then let them go.  Most negative thoughts that arise are entirely imaginary – either you are replaying things that happened before that you wish had turned out differently or you are playing future negative events that may never happen.  Whatever the structure of the particular negative thoughts they manage to worm their way inside of your conscious thoughts for the day and influence other events. So, with a start of negative thoughts, I am moving into the day and going to try and let them rise and fall away.  (One of the techniques I learned in studying Zen is not deny negative thoughts, not try to suppress them or get away from them, but to let them rise, consider them in their fullness and then let them fall away.)


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