Monday, December 20, 2010

I Discover I Am Not Invincible Any More

It was an ordinary thing. I was walking from my office to the deli across the street when life suddenly intervened.  To get there from here you go out the back door of the building, through the turnstile, across the street and then across the parking lot.  In between the street and the parking lot is a small strip of hedge.  There are numerous paths through the hedge that people (including me) routinely take, rather than walking down to the corner where the sidewalk actually turns.  I cut through the hedge, like I’ve done thousands of times.

My foot right foot snagged on an exposed root.  I knew I was going down. I tucked in and protected my head.  I fell out of the small landscaped strip and onto the pavement of the parking lot.  The impact knocked the wind out of me.  I landed more or less on my left side.  My left elbow slammed into the small leather bound journal in my left inner breast pocket.  That journal in turn slammed into my ribs, just below the pectoral muscle. I lay there for a moment, stunned, and then slowly felt myself all over to make sure I hadn’t broken anything.  I hadn’t, but I gave myself a good blow to the middle left rib-cage, which subsequently stiffened up.

It has been getting increasingly better with each passing day, but it is an ache and a pain that reminds me of my age and the fact that I am not invincible anymore!

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