Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom

The Forbidden Kingdom

I went out tonight with some of my friends to see a movie.  We selected “The Forbidden Kingdom” with Jet Li and Jackie Chan.  It is an excellent movie, visually stunning, amusing, with a classic mythic story line.  100% enjoyable all around if you are looking for an excellent popcorn movie on a Saturday afternoon.  It has my hearty recommendation.

It was a fairly ordinary Saturday here in San Jose.  My sleeping habits have been chopped up for the last several days.  I haven’t been sleeping well (work related brain spinning). Most nights I have slept fitfully – tossed and turned falling off to sleep, woke through the night, and then powered through the days on caffeine and will. 

Friday might was typical.  I fell asleep originally at about eight PM, then woke about nine thirty to was Battlestar Galactica (excellent episode by the way), then back to bed to read some in the historical novel I have been working on (“A Terrible Glory”, about Custer).  Slept about four and a half hours and then woke well before dawn.

I rolled out, made a pot of coffee, chatted online for a while then went to breakfast with friends.  After breakfast we swung by the Fry’s Electronics and I bought a new keyboard.   Several of the keys were starting to wear out on the old one.  I bought a Microsoft Curve – one of the ergonomic keyboards.  It has been interesting using it. I can touch type and as long as I touch type it works perfectly – but as soon as I look at the keyboard, I am lost and start striking the wrong keys.

After the electronics store I stopped and got my car washed, and then swung into Target to replace a spot mirror that popped off at the car wash.  I also picked up a new CD – Van Morrison’s “Keep It Simple”.  Then, I circled home, played with the new keyboard a little, then curled up and read and napped through most of the afternoon.

Then, off to the movie, and now home.  We ultimately decided not to get dinner after the movie, in part because everyone had snacked on popcorn, nachos, and assorted other movie junk foods.  My plan for the evening is to chat for a while, maybe watch a movie on DVD, then curl up with my book again.  I want to fight and try to stay awake until at least ten PM so I can try and reset my sleep clock, otherwise it is going to be a very long week ahead.

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