Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Web of Stars And Souls

The Web of Stars And Souls

I was thinking about a totally different subject today and my brain popped over on something that I thought I would share with you.  There are two things that leave me totally in awe, pure awe, when I contemplate them.

The first is the stars.  Lay on your back somewhere where there is minimal or no light and look up at the field of stars on a clear night.  I love doing that and when I do I am placed in a state of total sublime all consuming awe.  The vastness.  The distance.  Time. Space. Complexity.  Simplicity.  The eternal.

The second are souls.  Take a walk through a quiet neighborhood.  Look at each house. Think of the souls that live in or have lived in the house in the time that it has existed.  Realize the each one of them is the center of a complex web of human souls.  Each of those souls have wrapped around it a web of complexity that is equal to the web of complexity of you life.

Birth.  Death.  Love.  Hate.  Hope.  Fear.  Joy.  Solitude.  Family. Friends.  Lovers.  Embracement.  Abandonment.  Fulfillment. Betrayal. Promises. Lies. Innocence.  Guilt. Midnight Movies.  Barbecues. Books. Children.

So, I stand in almost constant awe of those two things - the web of stars and souls.

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