Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Ghost In The Mountains

My Beloved Ghost

You were wandering through the California redwoods with me today as I hiked a cool mountain trail. The day was hot and the sun streamed through the trees in great golden beams, pillars that seemed to support the towering vault of heaven itself.

I climbed about 1200 feet on the trail, pushing as I moved, rapid and silent. I could feel the blood pumping in my legs, in my calves, in my thighs. I could feel my lungs opening, expanding, drawing in the air, expelling the air...not winded, but pushed.

At the top of the trail I stopped and sat upon a rock, gazing into the valley below, over the great green and brown forests. It was there that you joined me, my beloved ghost. I saw you moving swiftly through the woods, following the same trail. You were effortless in your grace, gliding as though you were part of that forest, part of that mountain, part of that small slice of eternity.

You emerged from the edge of the woods, you stood for a moment, half sun, half shadow, your eyes bright and alive. You saw me sitting there and you smiled. Smiling, like the cheshire cat, you faded, one sun beam after another, dazzling and beautiful and more alive than alive.

I sat there for a while, alive in the sun and the cool breeze and your memory. Then I took the trail down, into the world, where you are my beloved ghost - no more, no less.

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