Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Semi-Random Thoughts On A Tuesday Night

Semi-Random Thoughts On A Tuesday Night

There are times when the best thoughts are semi-random thoughts - those little snippets of thought that wander through our brains.  For your amusement and insight here are my semi-random thoughts from a Tuesday night.

-Had dinner at a Chinese Seafood Buffet, a place called Happy Buffet, off Saratoga Avenue and Steven's Creek Boulevard in San Jose.  I had coconut shrimp, seafood ambrosia (a mix of seafood in a sweet cream sauce), vegetable fried rice, a steamed BBQ pork bun, salmon sashimi, and sushi (philadelphia rolls).  Washed with green tea. It was excellent.  Desert was some small pastries.

-The sun is setting and the sky is a peculiar shade of pinkish blue, with a cool breeze pulling the temperatures down into the sixties. I've closed to apartment up because I suspect it is going to get cold tonight.

-I am listening to Gov't Mule.  I'd heard several people whose taste in music discussing it in the chat room, so I bought a CD.  Personally, I had never heard of them before.  They are excellent and I highly recommend them.  It is interesting how good music can fill you up, just like a good meal.

-I started reading Elmore Leonard's "Killshot" last night.  I am a big Elmore Leonard fan.  He is a very good story teller.  So far, the book has been pretty good.

-Living in the Pacific time zone one of the continual challenges in the virtual world is calling your friends.  Often by the time I think to call them, as the evening is settling in, I glance at the clock and realize - it is already way past their bed time on a week night.

-Of course, amid everything else, the ordinary things of life continue to roll on.  I am going to spend part of my evening paying my bills - the ordinary bills - electricity, gas, cable TV, telephone, ISP, etc.  There is something comforting about the universal and ordinary things of life.

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