Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dreams of Rain

We are in the middle of a nice California rain storm. It was a deluge this morning, during the commute, which was little more than a crawl. We’ve had a couple of instances during the course of the day where the rain has just come pouring down.  It was wild and beautiful.


My dreams last night involved rain. I dreamed that I was climbing a mountain, somewhere in the Cascades. It was a popular climb, with a lot of amateurs on the trail. My climbing partner and I were near a technical section of the climb, an ascent of about 150 feet across moss covered cliffs when the rain began. Due to the technical nature of the climb at that particular location the rain made it extremely treacherous and we focused on getting all the amateurs over the most dangerous part of the trail before the rain made it impassable and stranded anyone in dangerous conditions.  Elsewhere on the mountain, three climbers were injured and one killed in a particularly tricky descent. Rain has the capacity of transforming technical climbs into downright dangerous climbs.


In the dream we were able to get everyone onto a broad shelf where they were able to shelter overnight safely, if a bit uncomfortably, since the vast majority of people caught on the trail did not have the proper gear for sheltering in place. It was actually an enjoyable dream. It has been well over six months six I have been on any hike of substance and I am missing it and looking forward to the arrival of spring.

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