Monday, March 15, 2010

The Sound of the Inner Voice

Today as I was driving into work I thought about the voices that play in our heads.  Not in the sense that I was insane, but in the sense of all the interior conversations we have going on through the course of the day, from the simple to the sublime to the, well, stupid. I was wondering what was the best way to tell which of those inner voices was our authenticate inner voice.  Instinct and intuition are powerful attributes and it would be nice to believe that they were always accurate, that they were unerring.  But, I think that any careful observation of outcomes reveals that they are more-or-less ordinary.  Often more accurate in hindsight and less accurate in the moment of an event. These thoughts occupied my mind for the morning commute, which was light today.  I am guessing a lot of people got bit by the daylight savings time change and were staggering, blinking, from their beds and rushing through the morning routine.  In my office, a third of my personnel are running late this morning precisely because of that.  Or, precisely because their inner voice told them "hey, I can be late today and have a semi-plausible excuse!".  So, with that semi-plausible excuse for thinking, let me move into and engage the rest of the day.  Spring is coming, very soon - but not quite soon enough.

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