Monday, March 22, 2010

Seeking Tranquility

Today, 2/3rds of my office furniture went away. I had five items of furniture in my office - a regular desk, a computer desk, a table, a file cabinet and a bookshelf. Now, I have the computer desk and the regular desk.  All of the wall hangings are gone except one picture and a calendar.  I still have three chairs. I am in the process of making my office a more tranquil working area and that means making as much empty space as I can. Encouraged by T.R. I have done a similar process at home and found it has a great effect on the tranquility (zen-quility) of the space. This is the feeling that I want to capture at work as well, so to that end, I surplused the extra furniture. Seeking tranquility. Seeking a still mind.  Seeking peace.

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