Saturday, February 19, 2011

About The Winter Sun

I snapped the previous picture this morning, sitting on the Leigh Avenue, looking toward the south-east. The sun was a diffuse whiteness against the stormy winter sky and I snapped the photo with my Blackberry. It turned out well I think. A lot of times photographs are like that - the subject is only there for a fleeting moment and if you don't have your camera, all that remains is the memory. Memory is, I think, the perfect photograph. All other photography is a pale imitation of memory.

It was a nice day. I started the day with T.R., then went from there to breakfast with my friends T. and B. at the Hickory Pit. My breakfast was a green chile omelet and an almond danish. (Actually, I ate half of the almond danish at breakfast.) After breakfast, we drove down to Summit Uniform on Meridian so T. could replace his work boots, then from there, over to AMC 14 in Saratoga to see "I Am Number Four".

The movie was enjoyable, if a little heavy on the teen angst for me, but it was well done and entertaining. It was a beautifully shot movie, so kudos to the directory of photography. After the movie I went to a shoe store and then a sporting good store looking for a pair of urban hiking boots. My old pair of boots was about a half a size too small for my foot, with the insert. Neither store had my size - 11 Wide. I may try another store, but then I may just resort to ordering a pair via the web.

Following that, I came home and settled in for a lazy and rainy afternoon. I watched an episode of Dateline, I watched an episode of Fringe, and now I am watching an episode of Bones as I write this. Lunch was chicken noodle soup and a ham sandwich and dinner was a cup of Greek God's yogurt and the second half of the almond danish.

Oh, I almost forgot the long hot bath that occupied part of the afternoon. It was excellent. Today was a good day, the very quiet afternoon was exactly what I needed and sliding into the very quiet evening is also very much desired and enjoyed.

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