Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In Your Time

Today I was caught up in the observation of the multiple universes we live in. I've often said there are two things that truly stagger my mind.

If you take a dark night and an area without artificial light and lay on your back and gaze up at the stars and contemplate the vastness of space/time, I often find myself at the very edge of what my mind can comprehend and it induces a tremendous state of smallness and awe.

The second observation is more prosiac but no less awesome. Sometimes, when I am walking through a quiet neighborhood, I will look at all the living spaces I walk by and realize that, in each of those living spaces there are people whose web of life is as wide, diverse, and complex an interweave as mine. Invisible lines of connection reaching out to touch hundreds of people, who in turn touch hundreds of people, who...well...you get the picture. It is a totally awe inspiring sensation.

I am, by profession, an analyst. I count things and I try to figure out what the meaning of those numbers and relationships. I always run the risk of being totally drawn into an analytical task, of total surrender to the elegant beauty of the underlying universe of experience that each individual moves through.

So, that kind of describes the “chart of the territory” the next observation is laid upon. We’re already seven week s into 2011. January and most of February have already flown by, here, in California, in a gray and rainy winter with a few incidental days of sunlight. Spring, though still distant, is coming rapidly enough. The first day of spring is March 20th, a little under four weeks away (twenty six days).

Against the background of the swift passage of time I was listening to “Bob Seger’s Greatest Hits” during the morning commute and one of the song on the album in “In Your Time”. Perhaps at a later window I will add the entirety of the lyrics as an entry here, but right now I wanted to capture just that part that struck my imagination and has also been riding with me for the last couple of days.

In Your Time
by Bob Seger

Feel the wind
and set yourself the bolder course
keep your heart
as open as a shrine
you’ll sail the perfect line
and after all
the dead ends and the lessons learned
after all
the stars have turned to stone
there’ll be peace
across the great unbroken void
all benign
in your time
you’ll be fine
in your time.


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