Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Left Side of the Brain

It is about 2:30 p.m. Pacific time and I am just slowly coming out of the left side of my brain. I went very deep into the left brain while trouble-shooting a technical problem today. I am not sure I have the right answer, but I do seem to have pointers in the right direction.

However, this entry isn’t intended to be about that problem, but rather about the way I feel right now.

I feel very unimaginative. I feel as if my imagination fell into a very deep sleep and it is, grudgingly, waking up due to persistent poking on my part.

I am kind of curious to see what is going to wake up. I am equally curious to see which method of right-brain-nudging works best for waking it up. There might be some longer term insights in there for me.

While I was deep in my left brain I got to thinking about writers block. Since I re-adopted the habit of writing regularly in a small journal, I have felt my desire to write more slowly reawakening.

With that reawakening I’ve also started to turn out better, and slightly more prolific, bits of poetry and prose. Perhaps the sleep was deeper than I realized.

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