Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Fountain and Reading Into The Evening

It's about three thirty PM on a pleasant, if gray, day.  The sun never really broke through, so there has always been that sense of impending fall through the day.  It is kind of nice.  I know I have said it before, but fall is my favorite time of year. I'll probably write that a few dozen more times before the season slides into winter.

I drove up to Fremont and had breakfast with Ty and Tony this morning, then ran a few errands with Tony before I turned back south and headed home.  Once back in San Jose, I took my car for a wash down on Prospect, then headed across the street to Westgate to run a couple of errands.  I stopped at Storables and picked up a pair of wire mesh baskets for the closet. After that I went for a rambling walk and people watching session around the shopping center, culminating in lunch at Sushi Boat.

From there, it was home for a short name, then I've been watching "The Fountain" on Blu Ray.  It's an excellent movies if you've never seen it.  (I guess it would still be an excellent movie if you had seen it too.)  It's about life and immortality and love and all kinds of big themes, with Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz as the lead characters. It's kind of a trip, but in a good way.  It's also very visually rich and has an outstanding score.

I had a good text session with TR this morning and she's deep in my thoughts right now. I think one of the hard limitations we have to eventually confront and deal with in life is just how limited we are when it comes to helping other people carry their burdens.  Physical burdens we can help with, but all the other burdens the best we can do is love and support.

I called the ranch this afternoon, just before I started "The Foundation".  Things were going well enough (which is good enough when it comes to aging parents.)  They seemed to be in relatively good spirits.  They went into town earlier in the week and took a look at an apartment and then decided that they would fill out the paperwork to see if they could get in.  It will be an adjustment for them, but it will be an adjustment for the better.  Being in town they will be able to attain services much easier then out on the ranch, especially in the event of an emergency.  So, I have my fingers crossed that they follow through.

Okay, so, for now, I am going to settle in and take a long hot bath, then probably read my way into the evening.

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