Saturday, March 18, 2017

The End Is Important In All Things

The title of this entry is the last line spoken in one of my favorite movies. I wrapped up the day with a double header of movies - one old, one new. First, I watched "Blood Father" with Mel Gibson. Then, I watched "Ghost Dog" with Forrest Whitaker. An excellent little pair for a pleasant Saturday.

I started the day with breakfast with Tyrone, the stopped to stock up on cleaning supplies at the store. From there I spent an hour or so at Bob's watching King Kong (the one with Adrian Brody and Jack Black). Afterwards a quick cheeseburger for lunch, then a post lunch walk. From there, a nap, then making dinner of macaroni and cheese (very tasty if I say so myself). Then my little movie double header.
A very nice and relaxing little day. The plan for tomorrow is to see Logan with Bob and Tyrone and do my best to be fully present in the day.

The Hagakure plays a significant role in the movie Ghost Dog. It is one of those simple and profound books that has the potential to alter your world view if you're in the right place for its lessons to move you. I know it has been a constant companion of mine since it wandered across my path many years ago. I'd hit recommend it if you're looking for something to read.

On that note, I'm going to wrap up the day and slip into bed with the book I'm reading right now. Hopefully I'll read myself off into a good nights sleep.

Remember - the end is important in all things.

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