Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Expanse

An easy evening so I'm relaxing and watching the latest episode of The Expanse. I've read the books and I'm enjoying the series immensely.

Work was pretty straight forward today. I've managed to knock a couple of things off the list this week and I'm hoping to hammer a couple of more off tomorrow. I've got two projects that are going to go partially live or live with problems and I'm just going to have to ride the tide there. I should get much closer and have a much clearer picture tomorrow, especially if I get the quiet day I'm hoping for.

Other than that I'm doing okay. On the personal level not much going on. The high level of work has kept my personal adventures or misadventures to a minimum. The weather has been beautiful as Spring unfolds around me. I've been loving the return of the various denizens of the bird tribe. They're always entertaining out there on the patio.

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