Sunday, July 5, 2009

Daily Life: Fierce Creatures

Today has been a nice and lazy day. I had a great night sleep last night, then woke this morning and went to early Mass. After I got home - I took a nap. I generally find naps fit better in the afternoon, but today that morning nap was perfect. From there, I made breakfast (an omelet) and starting considering what I wanted to do today. I still want to get out and see "Public Enemies" and I need to stop at the grocery store for some of the basics, but beyond that, there are no firm plans. Since vacation is rushing toward me, I am not feeling the need to get out and about each day.

Then, as I was puttering around the house, I happened on one of my favorite movies on HBO. That movie is "Fierce Creatures", with Kevin Kline, John Cleese, and Jamie Lee Curtis. The sequel-that-is-not-a-sequel to "A Fish Called Wanda", I must have seen "Fierce Creatures" a dozen times or more over the years. It is one of those movies that is better with each re-watching. It is sweet and funny.

If you have never seen either one of them, I highly recommend them. Chronologically "A Fish Called Wanda" comes first and then "Fierce Creatures". However, you can watch them in any order - content wise there is no relation between the two movies (though, "Fierce Creatures" has several inside jokes that you will miss if you haven't seen "A Fish Called Wanda"). They are referred to as "the sequel that is not a sequel" because they have the exact same cast, just in different roles, and in that rarity among movies, "Fierce Creatures" manages to capture the spirit of "A Fish Called Wanda".

There was no way I could pass up watching "Fierce Creatures" again, so I made myself a brownie sundae and settled in for two hours of sweet, delicious, good spirited fun. They really are a pair of astounding movies.

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