Monday, July 20, 2009

Daily Life: A Memory Makes Me Smile

In conversation with my dear T.R. tonight the subject of antique bed warmers came up. It stirred a old memory. My grandparents lived on a ranch in South Dakota, near a place called Corn Creek, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. On retirement my grandfather and his brother has built a small two bedroom house seventeen miles from the nearest paved road. The attic was a dormer, a single room, with several double-beds. When we visited, if it was winter, or simply cold, grandma would prep the beds with the old bedwarmers and we would would dress for the night downstairs and then, once sufficient time had passed to warm the beds, we would dash up the stairs and dive into the warm beds. We would stay there, snuggled together, until dawn. At dawn, we would all dash back down the stairs and run for the bathroom.

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