Friday, July 24, 2009

Daily Life: Friday at Comic Con Begins

The morning is off to a good start. We drove downtown and parked at
Petco and then walked over to the Omni for breakfast. Breakfast was
good, thought Tony reported that his hashbrowns tasted like salmon,
which is probably not the most desirable hashbrown taste.

We're starting the day with the aforementioned Farscape panel.
Farscape was a Sci-Fi original series that ran several years and was
well received.

Today the panels are mostly organized around mainstream media -
television and assorted movies, so we'll spend the day weaving in and
out of those panels. As usual, because many events run in parallel,
choices have to be made. My first choice was between this panel and
the Stargate Universes panel. Tough choices, but I am looking forward
to the day.

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