Monday, April 26, 2010

Dreaming Zephyrs

I am back from a walk at lunch and thought I would tell you about a strange little dream I had last night.  I dreamt that I was in some sort of corporate meeting with several hundred other people.  The presentation was very boring, so the speakers were losing people in droves - to the point where people were actually simply standing up and walking out en masse. I stayed until the end of the presentation, mostly from courtesy, since in the dream I was sitting in the back of the meeting and daydreaming. Which, uh, is frighteningly like many a real meeting I have gone to, with the exception that usually most people have perfected the blank-corporate-meeting-stare, so they don't actually walk out. After the meeting wrapped up I went out to catch a bus home.  The first bus I caught was a giant, but overcrowded, double-decker bus.  I was wedged in near the top of the stairs with no room to spare, next to a real life friend of mine.  We had a pleasant conversation as we headed home.  We both live near each other, so we were planning on making the same connection to a smaller bus.  As we went over a bridge I could look out over the city into a storm tossed sky where many small figures, like people, were riding about over the city on zephyrs of wind caused by the impending storm, swirling around and around.  That is where the dream ended.  All in all it was a strange, but cool dream.

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