Thursday, April 1, 2010

Time for Wondercon

Well, today is effectively my Friday.  I took tomorrow off so I can go up and spend the weekend in San Francisco.  The organizing principle is Wondercon - a pop-culture/comic book arts celebration which is expected to draw about 30,000 people. I will be heading up there Friday morning with friends and then spending the entire weekend there in downtown San Francisco.  I am looking forward to it - we're staying at a nice motel (the downtown Marriott's) in a beautiful city, indulging in popular culture and arts, surrounded by good food and cool people.  What more can you ask for on a weekend?


There are deeper thoughts spinning inside my head this morning, but they have yet to take shape or form. T.R. got me thinking about "time" this morning and time is always an interesting subject. So, while my brain begins to spin slowly around the subject of time - I hope you enjoy your day, all those wonderful moments of it.

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