Saturday, April 16, 2011

Foggy Saturday Morning

Friday was a very pleasant day, so I fell asleep last night with the window open. Other than the incidental street sounds, including the inevitable drunks walking home at closing time, it was a very pleasant evening. The weather was almost perfect sleeping weather - cool, crisp, and clean. I slept very deeply, very well, and had a richly detailed dream of a woman bathing.

I am entering the weekend with nothing on the "to do" list. There are several things I may do because I can, because I want to, but there is nothing I need to do because I have too. It is kind of a great feeling. I am going to head out this morning to meet some friends for breakfast at the Hickory Pit in Campbell, and then we'll probably do a walk-through over at Frye's. I am probably going to pick up "Tron" on Blu-Ray. I've also been on the lookout for the first season of Archer. In addition, I have quite a few shows currently stacked up on the DVR and I may spend a bit of time this weekend watching them.

I may go out and get a hair cut this weekend (I am about due, but I am tempted to let it grow just a little bit longer and than have it trimmed back to about the current length). I may also go out and get my car washed. Because of our intermittent storms, I have been putting that off, but I really don't want to put it off any more. I also need to make an appointment to have the car detailed, which I've also been putting off. Then, there are incidental items stacked up for purging here at the apartment.

It is strange, but cleaning out the twelve boxes sort of opened the flood gate and looking through the apartment I identified a couple of more things that can go. A bookcase, two black wire racks for DVD's or CD's, a black display case, possibly one of my two clothing drawers. (There, I noticed that each is a four drawer case, but I only routinely use two drawers in each case, so I could consolidate the stuff down to one.) Additionally, there is build in four shelf rack in one of the closets, which currently has incidental stuff in it. With a little straightening out I can move most of the long term storage (the winter/summer clothing during the season) onto that. I certainly have options.

Unfortunately, we seem to be in the dead zone for spring movies, with the next crop of new movies that interest me coming up in a few weeks. I was looking at the movie schedule this morning to see if there was anything - and I was really struggling. There is an independent film coming out, with Michelle Williams, called Meeks Crossing, that looks interesting, but it is either not out yet, or its not playing anywhere near here. I did notice that at the Blue Light in Cupertino the latest version of Red Riding Hood, with Amanda Seyfriend, is playing. I am not really interested in it, but if the mood strikes me and I feel a need - I may go check it out.

In short, I am entering the weekend with a lot of options and no requirements, and it all may just depend on how I am feeling for the option that I decide to exercise. And, just because I think it is a truly vivid image (and Amanda Seyfried a beautiful young woman), I've included the publicity still from Red Riding Hood in this entry.

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