Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Twelve Boxes

This is a brief litany of the 12 boxes purged last night.

Box 1 – assorted mementos and personal items. None purged, but all repacked into a smaller box. This box is my “go to” box of small assorted items for display around the house and around the office. I rotate through it when I want a change.

Box 2 – Personal papers and notebooks. Purged 95% of them as they were just incidental notes or school/work product.

Box 3 – Sixty (five years) of Heavy Metal magazine. Holding as part of my collection. (Note)

Box 4 – Unsorted comic books. Holding as part of my collection.

Box 5 – Comic books and graphic novels. Holding as part of my collection.

Box 6 – Comic books and graphic novels. Holding as part of my collection.

Box 7 – Comic books and graphic novels. Holding as part of my collection.

Box 8 – A bag of personal photos (26 envelopes) and parts of old board games and cards. Kept the photos and purged the games and cards. I will purge the photos as well, since I am fairly certain all of the good photos are already in my album, I am sure these are the flotsam and jetsam of the old film days, however, I did want to quickly flip through them and make sure.

Box 9 – Personal photos, framed photos, diplomas, awards, certificates, etc. Like the mementos above, these tend to be the rotational display items. I am going to hold these and do a detailed sort.

Box 10 – Old personal documents, letters, records, etc. Purged probably 99% of them, held onto a couple that interested me as mementos. Contained sensitive data so they will be headed for an industrial shredder.

Box 11 – Same as Box 10.

Box 12 – Same as Box 10.

Note – I have four “collections” – books, music, movies, and art (generally comic books and graphic novels). I’ve already done a massive purge on the books, reducing four five shelf bookcases to a single bookcase. I moved all of the CD’s from their jewel cases into binders, so instead of 500+ jewel cases, I now simply have 2 binders of music CD’s. Ahead of me I have two more space-creating purges. First, I want to do the same thing with my movie collection that I did with the CD’s – remove them from the jewel cases and reduce their footprint to a pair of binders - I have probably 400+ movies, so they should land comfortably in two binders. Then, I want to go through my comic book collection, and winnow through some of the titles, and re-organize it or refocus it.

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