Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday's Song of Simplicity

It was a very pleasant Sunday. I slept well, with a dream about an office building, where I was going to some sort of meeting. It was a futuristic dream. I was driving some sort of electrical car, which I pulled into the big glass and stone lobby and then the car itself drive into a hidden niche in the wall where it automatically coupled with the charging device. I rode a big stainless steel elevator to an upper floor (I got the sense that the building was five or six stories tall) and then, when there, I met with someone in a very nice glass and steel conference room where we sat on low couches surrounding a holographic display. I don't remember what the conversation was about, but I do recall that I was meeting with one person who was presenting something to me. I am not sure I would classify it as work dream, given the science fiction elements of it.

On Saturday afternoon, I went out and saw "The Conspirator" at a matinee over at the AMC 14 in Saratoga. I liked the movie. It was stately and well done, definitely worth the price of admission. It managed to tell the story of Mary Surrat in a straight-forward fashion, with solid performances across the board. The casting was excellent, especially in the principle roles - Robin Wright, James McAvoy, Tom Wilkinson, and Evan Rachel Wood. It definitely has my recommendation if you are in the mood for a solid drama.

I had a quiet Saturday evening and home and then once again slept well and deeply last night. I took today as low and slow as I could. I met Tyrone for breakfast over at the Hickory Pit, then circled over and took my car through the car wash, then stopped at Barnes and Noble on Steven's Creek for an hour or so of browsing. I came home for lunch, then circled back out to go for a three mile walk the length of San Tomas Aquino Park, up and down, in the beautiful sunlight under the blue sky. From there, I circled back home and took an hour and a half nap during the afternoon. Dinner was a cream of mushroom soup and grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches followed by episode's of "Bones" and "Sanctuary" on the DVR.

There are times when the simplicity of an easy day is exactly what we need. Just the ability to take a deep breath and move easy through the day, accomplishing a few things, doing a few things, but none of them under pressure, none of them because we are compelled to do them. Today was one of those days. The evening is falling now, the sun has just set, there is a cool breeze rising and falling. My plan tonight is simple - some time with T.R., a little television, a little reading, and then snugged into bed for another good night sleep.

I continue on my path of simplicity - I spent part of the weekend just doing a sort of survey and considering what items are available for my next purge. It always seems to amaze me that as I have less, I need less, and as I need less, I have less. I often joke that my path to simplicity is going to end with me sitting in the middle of the living room, wearing a bathrobe, eating from a bowl, while watching my 46" Sony. (Because that TV is going to be the last thing to go.) That is an exaggeration of course, but I continue to shed things and as I shed things, I find it easier to shed other things. By freeing myself of the clutter of stuff, I am freeing my mind - to think, to contemplate, to study, to read, to watch, to meditate and yes, to write. Like I said, it is a great feeling.

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