Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Well, I am sitting in the living room, the sun has just dropped below the horizon on a beautiful California spring night, and I am watching Friday's episode of Sanctuary on DVR, having just returned from a steak and parmesan shrimp dinner, with fresh broccoli and a baked potato.

It's been a supremely lazy day, during which I did - virtually nothing. I met B. and T. for breakfast at the Hickory Pit, then came home and read the Sunday paper. From there, I watched "The Men Who Stare and Goats" and then curled up reading "Cleopatra: A Life" and napped through the afternoon before meeting Tony for dinner.

If I had to describe the entire weekend I would definitely use the word "lazy". I had a lazy Friday. I had a lazy Saturday. I had a lazy Sunday. Oh, I did things - but they were lazy things and it made the weekend almost perfect. There are times, as we go through life, where we simply need to do nothing. To give ourselves time to just relax, to

T.R. often refers to such days as "slender days" and I think that is a great description. I definitely had a nice and slender weekend. So, here is to slender days and wishes for a happy Easter.

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