Saturday, June 30, 2012

Adventures in the Purple Membrane

Sometime in the first part of this year it feels like I crossed over into an alternative - and unexpected - universe.  T.R. and I have talked extensively about it and we've come to refer to it as the Purple Membrane.  The Purple Membrane appears to be a universe of unexpected change.  Unexpected change in my personal life.  Unexpected change in my professional life.  It is causing me to watch the way things are unfolding more closely, from a slightly different perspective.  It is like, as I go through this season of change, I am watching the changes unfolding all around me - equal parts participant and observer. I am learning to simply let things go, to try and accept "what is".  That is not an easy thing - but it is an interesting thing.  I can feel the turmoil of various emotional states rising up in me, and when I become aware of them, I let them go.  Not always completely, not always successfully, but enough that I have moved rather smoothly through the waves of change that seem to be crashing all around me.

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