Saturday, June 9, 2012

Prometheus - Excellent

I saw Prometheus today, which, for me, was one of my most highly anticipated movies of 2012. It did not disappoint.  As I've mentioned before I am a huge fan of Ridley Scott, so I fully admit to being biased, but I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.  Noomi Rapace turns in another stellar performance as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, playing off of Michael Fassbender as "David" the artificial person.  Don, Tony and I saw it in IMAX 3D at AMC Saratoga 14.  It was definitely worth the extra ticket price to see it in that format since it is a hugely visual movie.  I promised several people that I would not spoil it for them, so I may wait a while to write a bit more about why I liked it, but for now, let me simply say it was an excellent film.

The day has been good - I deliberately set out to take it easy through the day and I have been successful at that - tomorrow is going to be a work at home today, but after 55 hours last week, I felt the need to have at least one day where I wasn't working - in any shape or form, and that is my plan into the evening. Right now, I am watching "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" on IFC, another enjoyable film.  Finally, I have "Coriolanus" with Ralph Fiennes and Gerard Butler in the wings for later tonight or tomorrow. T.R. is out this weekend, on an impromptu trip to Wilmington, NC with family and friends, planning on returning on Monday, and is having a good time.

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