Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Life is a Strange Journey

Okay, lots of work, most of it detached from reality, but a deliberately easy evening here at home.  I've got to head in early in the morning to run a 7:00 AM User Acceptance Test Kick-Off Meeting for yet another part of the project.  Amusingly (and with plenty of attendant stress) I caught two of three UAT projects - both on less than four days notice, both because the existing plans for it had collapsed under the weight of the project.  Once again, I get to pull a complete cycle of UAT out of thin air.

With that in mind, this afternoon, when I wrapped up my last meeting and headed home I decided I was going to spend a quiet evening relaxing, then some reading time tonight. I am working my way through Orson Scott Card's "Ruins" and quite frankly, it is slow going.  I keep hoping it picks up some action, but it seems to be slow developing in that direction.  I may give it a few more nights and then I am going to have to abandon it.

On the home front, my nephew still remains in critical care.  He was off the ventilator for one day, then landed back on it due to fluid build up in his lungs.  He is once again heavily sedated and each day is the day it is.  I keep him close in my thoughts and prayers during the day.  Life is a strange journey.

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