Sunday, November 25, 2012

Notes from a Full Day

If nothing else, it has been a full weekend.  Let me run over the day's developments along the arc of this particular part of my journey. I met Tony for breakfast at the Hickory Pit, which is always enjoyable. 

Immediately after breakfast we went over to AMC 14 and watched "The Life of Pi", directed by Ang Lee. I was in a strange place going into the movie. I read and liked the book very much and that is often dangerous when it comes to movies because it sets expectations at a certain level and more often then not the movie does not live up to the movie. 

However, in this case, the director was Ang Lee, whose work I admire.  (I list "The Ice Storm" as one of my favorite movies quite often.)  I was confident that whatever had landed on the screen was going to be a good movie - the only question was - would it be the same "Life of Pi" that resides in the pages of the book. 

The short answer is - it wasn't, but it was still an excellent movie.  I'd highly recommend it - but the movie is just a faithful sampling of what is in the book, so also read the book.

After the movie was over I went down the street and did a walk through at Office Max,  I am considering buying a new desk for my apartment and I would like to get a slender L.  Office Max happens to have one that is very close to what I am looking for - but I haven't yet made the decision to buy it. I am contemplating moving my office desk out of the spare bedroom and back into the living room, in large part due to the winter light, but I also haven't quite made that decision yet.

From there, I took a walk through at REI.  I am looking for a pair of 3 gallon water containers for use in camping as part of my emergency reserves. They have them at REI, but I wanted to do a little bit of shopping, since REI isn't always price competitive, even on the same products as other places.  While there, I picked up a pair of lodge moccasins (think slightly stronger that normal bedroom slippers) and took a call from my step-father.

There was a bit of good news there, my nephew is conscious, off the ventilator, and communicating - though he is still not entirely lucid. My parents are going to stay until tomorrow and then my brother should arrive there on Tuesday or Wednesday, since he is planning on driving up.  My sister is also going to head back up to Rapid City in the next couple of days as well.

From there, I stopped at Lucky's and picked up groceries, then headed home. At home I had a sandwich, then laid down and took a nap.  This evening my place is "The Walking Dead" and ease into the evening with a bit of reading and maybe some quiet time.

It was a very full weekend, unexpectedly full.  Let's hope the week is a little more same, though I doubt it, given all the chaos at work.  That is why I am going to enjoy the quiet evening, since I don't think I am going to get any in the coming days.

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