Saturday, January 18, 2014

Be Part of the World Around You

So far the year is been off to a good start. Things have been rather smooth at work, though that can change at any given moment. But, I'll try not to put a hex on myself by talking about it. Things are good and that's good enough.

This entry is going to be kind of fragmented. It is a beautiful morning here in California but my thoughts are kind of fragmented as well. I am sitting in the stillness of my living room watching the sun slowly light the room. The furnace popped on a few minutes ago but the day promises sunlight and blue sky. I've got errands to run, the basic stuff.

I uploaded some photos to my Instagram account. Since I am such a visually oriented person I enjoy browsing Instagram. But, I have to say, I often find the sheer volume of selfies astounding. Can people really take that many pictures of themselves? There is a whole wide world out there filled with beautiful things, amazing things, sublime things all waiting for your camera lens. Spend more time looking outward. Be part of the world around you.

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