Sunday, January 12, 2014

This Weekend Has Moved Quickly

So far this weekend has passed quickly. I spent most of yesterday rearranging the furniture in the living room. Last year I had bought an L shaped desk, a small one, that I set up in the living room. Ultimately it didn't work. It was nice enough little task, but the functional purpose was to make it easier to write in the living room. However, at the end of the day, I found myself using the desk once or twice a month. It took up a corner of the living room but returned very little value. A few days ago I was just sitting there meditating and I decided I simply wanted the space back. Now, I have it back.

I've moved almost all of my computer stuff back into the spare room. Part of my plan for the day is hooking it all back up. It is probably an hours worth of work, maybe less. I will tackle it at some point during the day. For now, I'm just kind of settling back in. I got up early this morning and ran a few errands including breakfast in Fremont. I was disappointed in breakfast.

Oddly enough I've been craving sausage for the last couple of days, sausage fried with onions. Not sure where I can get that, or even if there is a restaurant that serves it, I may, ultimately, have to make my own. That may be my plan for dinner but I reserve the right to change my mind at any given moment. Especially when it comes to dinner.

On Friday I went out and saw the new Mark Wahlberg film, "Sole Survivor". I would love to tell you it was great but I would be lying. It is a poignant story. Mark Wahlberg and Ben Foster turn in yeoman performances but in the end Peter Berg, the director, cannot pull it off. The film feels disjointed. There are scenes that drag on too long. There are scenes that have no real place in the movie but seem to come out of the cliché war movie directors handbook. Then, there are a few scenes, but are simply stupid. Oddly enough, I wouldn't discourage people from seeing the movie if they want to. There is a great story in there is just buried under a lot of crap.

Well, I love the feel of sitting here in my newly rearranged living room, so I am going to wrap this entry up, take a long hot shower, then check Google to see if there is someplace in the vicinity that I can get sausage and onions for lunch. Maybe a pub or something.

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