Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ten Minutes To A Meeting

Okay, I have about ten minutes before my only meeting of the day and I am seriously considering flexing out a little early today, leaving at noon, and then working a few more hours virtually. I worked most of the evening last night writing a white paper on sourcing philosophy in the era of big data - nothing fancy, just a rough draft of the ideas I would like to cover.  I think a lot of organizations misunderstand big data and then use it only at the most rudimentary levels, in a purely descriptive manner. We’ve got an opportunity coming up to move beyond that model and I am hoping we take advantage of it.

It was a quiet evening at home last night. TR is on travel (work and personal), so we didn’t get the chance to talk. Consequently, the high point of my evening was watching an episode of Castle and an episode of Bones, both of which I enjoyed.  Television wise, most importantly, the greatest TV show ever is back - Archer!  LOL - if you are not an Archer fan I highly suggest you become one.  I find the show hilarious and it is my go to show when I need to lighten a day.  I also watched a pair of episodes of Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” via On Demand.  Then, I curled up and read myself to sleep.  It wasn’t a very long read - a few pages at best.

I am heading up to Portland for the weekend, so I am looking forward to that trip, even though it is only a couple of days.  I am flying up on Friday and then home on Sunday. Then, on Monday I am flying out to Bethesda for a two day meeting, flying back on Thursday.  I have my fingers crossed that the weather is not going to be too bad - a stretch of mild winter days would be nice!




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