Thursday, January 23, 2014

On That Note, Off To Meditate

I need to take a break from work to refocus.  I just went through a rather frustrating meeting and I need a little bit of breathing room before I go into the next meeting. Let me just echo a complaint that I have made other times in this space - poor leadership is a horrible thing to find yourself stuck under.  The answer is simple - leaders must lead, they must be clear, they must be decisive, they must take ownership.  When they don’t, the entire project will stumble.  From a management standpoint - when a project stumbles, the correct action to take is to immediately remove the highest leader, then promote the next one down.  It’s ruthless, but it works.  I am currently stuck under leadership (on this project) that has no inclination to pay attention to details.  It is immensely frustrating.  I can feel myself eating the stress right now, so what I am going to do is take ten minutes and meditate and see if it will help me get through the morning.  Today is shaping up to be a very stressful day and I need to intervene to get it reset.  So, on that note, off to meditate.



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