Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just A Few Thoughts

The trend of the busy week continues, but I think today was the turning point. One of the four issues I was dealing with at work is resolved, two have wound way down and I think are near resolved, and the fourth has been successfully handed off to the next team that gets to work on it.

Now, of course any of them has the potential to surge back up, but I am not suspecting it. One of the things about data analysis is - there is always a bottom to the data. There is only so much information that can be gleaned from a data set, regardless of how expansive the data set is, and especially if the data is being evaluated to provide an answer to a specific question.

I can tell from the tone of this entry that I am still deep inside that portion of my brain where the analyst reigns supreme. When I get that far in, it generally takes a couple of days to find my way back out. So, I have a weekend of relaxation, maybe some wandering, good food and poetry planned. I should also be able to slip some writing in there as well.

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