Monday, May 23, 2011

Silence Is Powerful In Its Simplicity

We seem to live in a world of noise. A thousand different noises, some subtle, some not so subtle, some simple, some complex. It can be a struggle to find a place where the noise falls away and we slip into a blissful silence.

I’m a huge fan of technology-in-general but technology doesn’t necessarily contribute to silence. I don’t think it inherently makes noise since we can control the on, off and volume buttons, but I think it provides a very easy avenue into a very noisy part of modern life.

When was the last time you simply sat in silence, alone with your thoughts, for an extended period of time? Ten minutes? An hour? An afternoon? An entire day? If you are like most people, I doubt you can remember. There have probably been stolen moments of silence, perhaps when you wake in the middle of the night, but a deliberately constructed silence in the middle of the day is a pretty rare thing.

Silence is powerful in its simplicity.

Take some time. Find silence. Find a space to simply be.

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