Saturday, May 21, 2011

Looking Back Memoirs - Lou Andreas-Salome

T.R. recommended a book, which arrived on Friday, and I just started reading it. On waking this morning, I spent the first half hour re-reading the first chapter, which I had read the day before, in large part because I wanted to try and understand what the author was saying.

The book is "Looking Back: Memoirs" by Lou Andreas-Salome. Rather than go into great detail about the subject matter and author of the book, here's a link to Wikipedia, where may brains better than mine speak about her. If the remainder of the book is like the first chapter however, this is simply a very cool book.

I'm certain that, as I go forward, I am going to write in detail about some of the ideas in the book. I'm already mulling around what is contained in the first chapter.

Lou Andreas-Salome on Wikipedia

Here is a link to the book, if you're interested.

Looking Back: Memoirs by Lou Andreas-Salome

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