Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Good Day, With Circles

I coasted through the day today.  I started by sleeping a bit late for me, almost seven p.m., and then moving leisurely into the morning with a long hot shower.  Breakfast at the Hickory Pit with Tyrone, then I swung back home briefly, not long enough to do anything, but long enough to put my feet up for a while.

From there I drove up to the Great Mall and met Don to see "Promised Land", the new Matt Damon movie.  It was...beautiful fluff. I think there was potential there - good actors, good director (Gus Van Sant) and a potentially interesting subject, fracking.  But, it wasn't really a coherent story with characters that you could invest in.  It was more a collection of scenes acted by good actors, but with cookie cutter motives.  After we came out of the movie we stopped at Outback to have lunch (mmm, Alice Springs Chicken) and I realized I had seen the movie before - only done much better.  It you want to make the comparison then I recommend you catch one of my favorite movies - "Local Hero".  Corporate outsider comes to quaint village to secure leases/easement for the evil corporation to build a facility that will destroy the village and it's quaint way of life.  Except "Local Hero" has far more interesting characters and a better story.

After lunch, I took two laps of the Great Mall (it's a mile around on the inside), weaving in and out of the crowd and people watching and talking with Don.  From there, I drifted homeward and stopped at Office Depot on Stevens Creek to get a new desk for the kitchen and to check out what they had on sale for monitors.  I lucked out and got both a desk and a monitor on sale.  The monitor was the display monitor, but it is pretty nice and in good shape and the price made it irresistible. The desk is exactly what I was looking for - a small to mid-sized desk for use in the kitchen. When I first moved into this apartment years ago, this is where I had the computer desk sitting, in the kitchen and over the years it has migrated to a variety of other places.  Right now, the spare bedroom is set up as a home office and I wanted the extra desk out here for incidental use, or for when I wanted to move about the house and get a different light.

The desk assembly went pretty smoothly - there was one corner anchor on the actual desktop itself where the plastic insert was damaged, so ultimately I finished the desk without anchoring that corner down.  There are enough other anchor points that the desk is very stable anyway. But, tomorrow, I may stop at OSH and see what they have that would allow me to jury-rig something to fasten that computer down.

It was definitely an interesting day - I got my Mind, Body, and Spirit thing in and I feel pretty centered and balanced.  I woke this morning with a phrase from a dream running around inside of me, and I'll share it with you here.  "Forgiveness is paramount for Happiness".  Seems to be a pretty straightforward bit of dream insight and I can think of more than a few circumstances in my life where it might be relevant.  In light of the hour, I think it is time to curl  up with my book - "The King of Thorns" and read myself to sleep.

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