Friday, January 25, 2013

I Dream of Stillness

There are days when I dream of stillness.  Then I wake up and realize that I am the dream of stillness. In the quiet heart of each moment is a stillness as vast and powerful as the universe itself, containing all things, being all things.

It is a pretty amazing realization. Today, it came to me as a result of the general swirl of stress around me - so much of it is based on my expectations and desires for this or that outcome.  When I set down those expectations and desires I find that core of peace inside of me.  It is a good place to reside, in the simplicity of the moment.

I have a lot of things moving around me. The work project. The general work environment. Thoughts and concerns around career movement.  My nephews illness.  My step-dad's fall. My parents aging in general. My siblings lives. My Muse's journey.  All of these things and yet, at the core of the them, they are pretty much beyond my ability to influence. They are going to unfold as they unfold.  When these things start weighing too heavy on me, I return to the center - and breathe.

I had an intermittent day mostly - I lingered in bed this morning, reading.  Breakfast was Goodies II with Tony.  After that, I made a run through Target and picked up a handful of odds and ends that I needed.  Home for a two hour planning teleconference.  An easy afternoon watching a couple of musical programs off the DVR (Sade and Civil Wars Unplugged), then a rambling neighborhood walk, a simple dinner and episodes of Ancient Aliens and America Unearthed.  An intermittent day, but a good day.

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