Sunday, January 27, 2013

All Tomorrows Questions

I did a movie double-hitter today.  I saw "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters" at Cupertino Square and then "Parker" over at AMC 14 Saratoga.  It has been a long time since I have done a movie double-hitter, so it was fairly enjoyable.  It helped that they were both entertaining films - and oddly similar action adventure films.  I would recommend both of them as good popcorn fare.

After the movies I had a ham dinner over at Harry's Hofbrau, which was very filling.  So filling that I came home and felt compelled to take a nap. Following the nap, I took a long, hot, soaking bath and then a hot shower, both of which managed to help me make it into this park of the evening.  The clock seems to be slowly ticking away tonight and I am contemplating a wandering walk in the cool night. I haven't quite made that decision and its wrestling with the urge to spent the night reading.

It's pretty rare for me to censor myself here, but it happens every now and then - I just deleted an entire paragraph because I didn't like where it went.  I have mentioned before that I have strong reservations when it comes to putting other peoples business out online in my journal, even when part of that "business" does, rightfully, belong to me.  Additionally, there are things that I have specifically been asked to not write about, and I always honor those requests. In the paragraph I censored I didn't realize where it was going until I was already deep into the paragraph itself. So, censored, it remains silent.

I think there are times when I am reluctant to delve into deeper topics, in part because I do not like stirring those old still pools any more than necessary. There are other times when the words escape me.  Yet other times when the words and the will are there, but I just want to spend some time thinking about what exactly I am going to say.  This is one of the latter times. The words and the will are there, I just want to carefully craft what it is that I am going to say.

I did decide to work virtually tomorrow - I have seven hours worth of meetings, which almost always makes going into the office a rather pointless exercise, and I am expecting the arrival of a package from UPS tomorrow. I ordered a jacket online and it is supposed to come in tomorrow.  So, with the combination of the two reasons, it will be a perfect day to work from home.  That is one of the things that is nice about my job, that it affords me that opportunity.

In light of concerns about my aging parents and my step-fathers recovery from his fall, I've approached my boss about the possibility of going virtual in my work environment so that, if necessary, I can relocate to South Dakota.  It is not in the immediate plans, but I suspect it may become more and more likely as time goes on. That is also one of those very deep subjects that I need to take the time and dwell upon. The challenge is when to pull that trigger - I would certainly like to be there to support my parents, my only concern is that I could very easily go through the relocation and virtualization process, only to discover that it wasn't necessary, or that I did it too early.

It is made more complex by the fact that I am eligible to retire in just over two years.  This would be taking early retirement, it would mean a limited pension, but it would certainly be financially viable if I relocated to South Dakota.  That is one of the factors that I have to wrap into the whole mix of thoughts. It is tempting to stay in place and let the decisions be made for me, but that does run contrary to the importance I place on making our own decisions and choices as we go through life.

Well, as you can see, it is an evening of a lot of questions and no answers - so I reckon I will wrap it up here and call it a night.  I am sure the questions will remain into tomorrow.

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