Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another 13 Hour Day

Thirteen hours. Nine hours of meetings.  Started at 6:00 AM and ended at 8:00 PM. Quite the day.  On the plus side, made a lot of headway today. Managed to successfully rebuff the stupid requirement changes.  Finished up the last of the requirements for one major form.  Finished the requirements for an automated data processing trigger.  Two meetings with the systems engineer to get my brain wrapped about UAT. Probably a lot of other stuff I only vaguely remember.  Planning to get up at 5:00 AM tomorrow for a 6:00 AM start time, all to line up a 9:00 AM UAT meetings that is going to be Rod, improvising, to the best of my ability. Outside it was a beautiful day. My missing package showed up - UPS had delivered to the wrong street address and the people who got it walked it down the street and gave it to the manager.  The jacket is nice.  Tonight's plan, a pair of sitcoms (Whitney and The Neighbors), then a bit of reading and hopefully, a clear night of sleep.

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