Thursday, April 18, 2013

April Has Been A Lean Month

April has been a lean month as far as entries have been concerned, mostly due to my travel schedule, both work and personal.  I am, at least for now, settled back into California for the spring and I am hoping it is going to be a relatively easy going spring.  The Fates may have something else in store for me, but for now I am content.  My mother, who has chronic severe back pain, is currently in the hospital in South Dakota as her doctors attempt to dial in the pain medicine. I have my fingers crossed that everything works out there.


I am going to head up to the de Young Museum in San Francisco this weekend to see and exhibit of Vermeer and Rembrandt paintings.  It looks like an excellent exhibit and I have been waiting to get to it for a while now, but mainly I was waiting for the weather clear up and the travel gods to cooperate.  It looks like all the pieces are finally going to fall into place on Sunday, so I am definitely anticipating a nice trip.  The weather is supposed to be beautiful in San Francisco on that weekend, so some museum crawling and then a late lunch will be an excellent day.


I am about halfway through reading “The Lies of Locke Lamorra” and I’ve kind of bogged down.  The book hasn’t bogged down, I’ve bogged down a bit.  I need to pick it up and continue reading as I am enjoying the book.  I am not sure what I am going to read next, but I do have about half a dozen non-fiction books stacked up behind it that I have been neglecting since I’ve been in primarily a fiction reading stage it seems.


This is my short work week, so I am off tomorrow and looking forward to it.  I may go out and see the new Tom Cruise movie on Friday, “Oblivion”.  A couple of my friends want to see it, but we’re (as usual) having trouble coordinating.  That thought alone can send me off on a whole rumination about the observed effects of aging on individuals.  Well, whatever I decide to do, the plan tomorrow is breakfast at Goodies, then I will ease through the day.  I am in the mood for some spring cleaning, so I might tackle that.  Cleaning the stuff at my parent’s house while I was on vacation was pretty inspiring and once more I find myself wanting to drive toward minimalizing my personal environment even more.


I crossed a threshold yesterday, on the 17th, and I will write about it some once I have a chance to think about it for a bit.  But, for now I have to head off to a meeting and slip into the swing of the working day.  Today is meeting heavy - about six hours of meetings on a nine hour work day.



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